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Bud Black announces Andrew Cashner as Opening Night starter

If you were at the Leadership Q&A at Padres FanFest in February you know that a masculine child asked Bud Black who he'd choose to pitch the home opener, and Black nodded towards Andrew Cashner saying he had a better chance than the others. If you weren't there, then you're probably learning right now that Andrew Cashner has, in fact, been named Opening Night starter.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to you either way, since historically a team has their best pitcher throw on Opening Day.  Andrew Cashner is the Padres best pitcher and maybe the best baseball player on the team, so he deserves the high honor.

I'm excited.  What'd we decide to do as fans for Cashner starts?  I forget, are we sounding duck calls at the ballpark, taking #duckface selfies on Twitter or both?   Someone remind me.