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ST Game(s) Thread: 03/02 Padres vs. Reds, Padres @ Dodgers

Split Squadsies


Happy Split Squad Sunday, GLBers!! We've got a couple of p exciting games today, including the Spring debuts of Tyson Ross & number-42-ranked 2014 prospect Matt Wisler AND our first televised game of the year. So let's get this game thread party started!

The Padres-Reds game will be broadcast on The Mighty 1090, as well as streamed on Gameday Audio and MLB At-Bat, so there's really no reason for you to miss it (unless maybe it's your girlfriend's birthday). For those with an MLB.TV subscription you can WATCH the Padres-Dodgers game live. For those without, you can listen live to the Dodgers' radio feed on Gameday Audio or At-Bat. OR you can wait and watch the delayed showing of that game on MLB Network and come back here and game thread at midnight tonight (This is what I'll be doing. Just saying.).