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Chase Headley sees action at the plate in minor league games

While most of the major league camp enjoyed their day off on Wednesday, Chase Headley got to work at the plate to prepare for his Cactus League debut tomorrow.

Although most of the big leaguers in Padres camp had an off day today, Chase Headley got in some playing time on the backfields in Peoria. The third-baseman saw action in two minor league games and collected three hits (two singles and a double) on the day.

Corey Brock also tells us that Headley is confident he'll be ready by Opening Day on March 30th. Obviously that's coming up really quickly (11 days!), but Savior seems adamant about doing whatever it takes to make sure he's  ready to go against the Dodgers.

He said if he needed additional at-bats, he could always stay behind in Arizona and get at-bats on March 27, a day after the team breaks camp and heads back to San Diego.

Too soon or just in time?

When Headley went down with calf strain, Corey Brock predicted it would take about three weeks to recover. Headley was diagnosed on February 25th, so it's been three weeks and a day that Headley's been working to get to where he is now. But with the Padres' track record for injuries (and re-injuries), one would be cautious about getting him back in action too soon and putting him in a position where he could possibly reaggravate the injury. Judging from today's performance and his comments to Brock he does seem like he's ready to be back, so let's cross our fingers that he's not jumping the gun.*

Tune in tomorrow

Fans not at Spring Training will get their first look at Headley when our Padres take on the Giants at home tomorrow, a game that will be televised on FSSD/MLB.TV. Look for him to be in the starting lineup and, despite not taking the field in the minor league games today, patrolling the hot corner against San Francisco.

*There's no evidentiary reason to believe he is jumping the gun, but as a Padres fan I have grown accustomed to getting my hopes up with a player only to see him suffer a setback (especially lately). Nevertheless, KTF.