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Let's Not Rush Recovery with Headley

Doug Pensinger

Chase Headley has spoken up about his calf strain, recovery, and feelings towards the upcoming games; and it all sounds positive from our golden boy.

According to ESPN and the Associated Press, Chase Headley feels he'll possibly be able to play on March 30th. Headley has reportedly made statements eluding to the fact that he isn't looking to make a quick recovery and that getting some playing time in the minors will allow him to feel at the top of his game. If you all remember, Chase spent quite a bit of time away from Petco Park with a thumb injury during the 2013 season. He sounds as if this year he would rather make sure all is right with is body so he can continue his top level of play.

Chase Headley's a smart man, and it sounds like he's starting his 2014 season off on the right foot with a level head.