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Birthday Cards: Tim Lollar, Professional Hitter

Never mind all of Tim Lollar's work on the mound for a second; the man could swing a mean shillelagh. Lollar spent four years in San Diego, and went deep in each of them. In fact, Lollar had at least one of every type of extra-base hit each of his last three seasons in brown. The doubles and homers I can see, because every generation there are a couple of pitchers who can run into one, but those triples? A lot of great position players go full seasons without a three-bagger, so for a pitcher to do it once is impressive enough, let alone three years in a row.

Lollar came to the Padres in a trade with the Yankees before the 1981 season. He was used in a swingman role that season, which limited his at-bats. Of course, it also limited his innings and that was a good thing because he got lit up that year. He moved to the rotation in 1982 and stayed there through the team's 1984 World Series run. After that season he was sent to the White Sox in the LaMarr Hoyt trade.

In addition to being a threat with the bat, Lollar was also flawless with the leather. He made one error in his first season with the team, and that was the end of that. Lollar led the National League with a perfect fielding percentage each of his remaining three seasons.

Happy fifty-seventh birthday to Tim Lollar. I hope it's a real *sigh* home run.