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What Do You Want to Ask Members of the Lake Elsinore Storm?

Let me know what you want the hear from the Storm.

The San Diego Padres organization is brimming with talent, and it is my privilege to chat with many of our freshly drafted athletes to get a better sense of who they are and what makes them tick.

As the 2014 season grows closer I grow more curious as to what the fans want to know about our boys. In interviews we run the gamut from dissecting a play that just occurred to minutia such as favorite baseball films. I'm always interested as to what inspires them to do what they do, but I want to know what you are interested in knowing about our future Padres.

The Lake Elsinore Storm host Major League rehabilitation assignments, newly signed free agents and minor league baseball players that have progressed or regressed within the organization. Additionally, the Storm's new manager is Jamie Quirk, who spent parts of 18 years in the big leagues and earned a ring with the 1985 Royals. The possibilities for questions are endless, but instead of just discussing what I feel is important with our boys, I want to know what you want to know.

There will be many video interviews posted to Gaslamp Ball this season with much of our young talent, so let me know what you're interested in asking, so I can get the info you want to hear.