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03/15 Padres Preview: ST Game 18 @ Dodgers

Christian Petersen

The original started for today's matchup on Glendale against the Dodgers was Andrew Cashner, but he will instead make a minor league start. Cashner will face the Dodgers soon enough when we welcome them to Psycho Park on Opening Night in a couple of weeks.Today we will get to see Joe Wieland make his Cactus League debut. This will be his first Spring appearance since undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2012.

Sam Demel will make the minor league start for L.A. against Cashner while Clayton Kershaw makes his final Spring start opposite Wieland.


First pitch in Glendale on set for 1:05 this afternoon and audio will be available via Gameday Audio and At-Bat, as well as ESPN 1700.