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Padres release list of 50 finalists for PA position, former broadcaster Mel Proctor among them


Yesterday the Padres released their list of the 50 finalists for the Padres PA position. I can't believe they haven't made more cuts after all this time.  Bud Black is cutting players left and right, day in and day out.  I say let him take control and he'd have this group whittled down by the end of the week.  Instead the Padres have already admitted that they won't have the position filled by Opening Day, which raises an obvious question, will there be any announcements on March 30th?

Padres announce top 50 candidates for public address announcer | News

"We had an overwhelming amount of talented candidates try out," said Partello. "After reviewing the auditions multiple times, we decided to extend the timeline to ensure that each candidate is thoroughly evaluated."

A quick glance at the list of 45 men and 5 women who are finalist just looks like any list of names, but there's at least one name you might recognize.  The name of that man is Mel Proctor, the Padres former TV broadcaster who worked the 1998 season, like a boss.  Now that's somebody I could get excited about.  If it were me I'd just give him the job and be done with it.

Instead they're going to have all 50 finalists introduce one batter at the Padres games being played at USD just days before the Home Opener.  That particular test won't prove anything but maybe they're hoping it will weed out out-of-town contestants who refuse to fly in from out of state to jump through that hoop.