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"Swing for your Seats" promotion is now in progress...

Donald Miralle

The Padres have a promotion going on right now at Petco Park.  It's called "Swing for your Seats".  Each fan gets two 70 mph pitches from a pitching machine and if they have never played D1 or professional baseball and they hit a home run then they win season tickets for 2014.

If they lose, by not hitting a homer then the Padres keep their name, phone number and address and try to sell them season tickets forever! MUAHAHAHA! Let's be honest it's a game that can't be won, but it sure would be fun, at least until the sales calls start coming in faster than the pitches.

I saw some discussion on Twitter between fans talking about their energy packed breakfast that they're hoping will help them punch a ball out of the park.  It's a shame that I can't participate, because I've got all their breakfasts beat.  You know what I had for breakfast?  'Roids.  If I ever had a chance, it'd be this morning.  Although the reason I'm juiced right now is due to crippling back pain, so I'd probably swing really hard, collapse at the plate and die like Roy Hobbs.

I've hit at Petco Park before and even when I made solid contact it was a liner that barely made it out of the infield.  I think there are probably a few fans that could do it but it's going to take a lot of luck and a lot more than 2 pitches.  I doubt too many Padres players could hit one out with just one swing.  We'll see how it goes, no one has done it yet.