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Huston Street spies on Carlos Quentin

Christian Petersen

As much as I like the Padres players they are mostly terrible at using their Twitter accounts. The most frustrating is probably Cameron Maybin who has one of the best personalities on the team, but has been consistently boring since he tweeted his disgust for Panda Express. Once a few Gaslamp Ballers connected the fact that the Panda Express CEO held an ownership stake in the Padres at the time, the sh_t really hit the fan. Since then he rarely tweets and constantly deletes and recreates his Twitter account. Lame.


Fortunately Huston Street joined Twitter this week and his social media game is tight. The Padres closer has already won me (and most fans) over with his daily hashtag #SpyOnCarlos. Street uses the hashtag when he takes a daily picture of an unsuspecting Carlos Quentin. It's especially funny because Quentin is notoriously private, angry and hates social media everything. As Ben Higgins noted earlier this week, if a media personality tried this, he'd probably suffer a similar fate to Zach Greinke.

I'm impressed that the tweets have continued 3 days in a row, that's longer than some Padres blogs last. I wonder if Quentin knows about the #SpyOnCarlos yet. I'm sure at some point a media member will bring it to his attention. I fear for them when it happens, he can't hurt his teammate but he can hurt the messenger.


Carlos Quentin catches Street in the act.