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Deep thoughts on baseball and life

Remembering where we've been while getting where we're going. The life of baseball.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

A recent trip to the Lake Elsinore Storm's locker room got me thinking about our collective journey in baseball, whether it be as players or fans.

The Padres single A affiliate proudly displays the names and numbers of the greats that have passed through its hallowed halls. Above their former lockers are the names of Jake Peavy, Jedd Gyorko and Chase Headley, to only name a few.  Seeing those names made me appreciate the early stages of their journey and ours.

Life can be a lot like baseball. Like players who are drafted, we as young adults get hired by our first employers. As players toil in the minors, we toil in low-level positions in our companies, learning and trying to stand out amongst our co-workers. Ultimately we both hope to excel in our chosen professions and advance, players to the Majors and we to management roles. At some point in the future the players will either retire or be released, just as we all will.

Baseball can be rough but also enjoyable, much like life.  Within both life and baseball it's important not to forget the early stages of our journey.

In the very few years I have been working as a field reporter for The Storm, I've noticed that the humble athletes seem to get the furthest. Those with knowledge but who are willing to learn and those who bring a deep-seated passion are those that excel. Can't the same can be said about life?

My brother and I were a Petco during the 2013 season getting a baseball signed down by the dugout when one player lit up and came over to talk with us, all due to my Storm Baseball cap. He had fond memories of his time spent at Pete Lehr Field and said that he'll cherish those years forever. His kind words regarding our minor league club have always stuck with me, and they've made me realize that no matter what level of success we achieve we must remember the early years that brought us to that success.