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1984 Padres playing catch from the top of a skyscraper

I was just re-watching MLB's Triumph and Tragedy episode about the 1984 San Diego Padres. I've had the DVD sitting around since 2009 and probably watched it a half dozen times. It's got some great interviews with the players from the 25 year reunion at Petco Park.

Alligator Roll

There's a good story about Bruce Bochy grabbing Ed Whitson in the pool during a break at Spring Training. Bochy who grew up in Florida was showing the guys how alligators roll their prey during an attack. When Whitson finally managed to come up for air his new toupee was barely hanging on from the back of his head, revealing his bald head. Tim Flannery who was telling the story says that Bochy pretended as if he suddenly recognized Whitson for who he was, "Hey you're Ed Whitson!" Whitson tried to fight everyone and Flannery had to run away because he was laughing so hard.

Rooftop Catch

I think my favorite part though is when they show footage of Terry Kennedy and Kurt Bevacqua playing catch from 325 feet above San Diego. Terry Kennedy took an elevator to the top of the old Imperial Building and threw 5 balls to Bevacqua who was waiting below in the street. Bevacqua was standing in the center of a target, with a large crowd gathered around him. Kennedy tossed the balls to Bevacqua who tracked and caught them to the crowds amazement. Now-a-days the man would never let a crowd stand so close to an object falling from a building. Can you imagine the lawsuits if someone was hurt by a plummeting baseball?

My words didn't paint a clear enough picture? You actually want to see it? You're in luck I captured a portion of the video, edited it down and created a gif just for you! You're welcome.


For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fell--

Everybody sing along!