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Fox Sports San Diego announces channel information for Time Warner customers

Last month we got the news that a long-awaited deal was finally made between Time Warner Cable and Fox Sports San Diego. After two years of unsuccessful talks and attempts at reaching a deal between the two corporations, a partnership finally formed and now every household in San Diego county (as well as Palm Springs, Yuma, and Hawaii) will get to see Padres baseball on a regular basis.

Over the weekend, for the very first time since 2011, some San Diego county residents and Time Warner customers were able to see a Padres game (a Spring Training contest between our Friars and Dbacks) in their own homes. It still wasn't available at my parents' house up in Carlsbad, but it was exciting to see others (like Geoff Young, for instance) able to watch the Padres at home after two long years. Today, FSSD announced the channel info for the rest of the county's TWC customers.

Now if you're kevintheoman, you probably couldn't care less about this information. The rest of you can probably at least appreciate that the entire San Diego region will be able to see Padres baseball on their TVs this season, and that's a good thing.