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Padres 6, A's 5: Dickerson Leads The Way In Epic Comeback

The Friars rebounded from a 5-0 deficit on the back of a three-run homer off the bat of Poway native Alex Dickerson.

Pictured: A different home run by Dickerson.
Pictured: A different home run by Dickerson.
Christian Petersen

The Padres seemed destined for a brutal loss this afternoon, as Ian Kennedy had trouble locating his fastball, giving up four runs in four innings of work. The offense wasn't faring much better, recording just one hit against A's starter Sonny Gray. They entered the bottom of the fifth down 5-0, but Alberto Callaspo botched a play at third, allowing the Friars' first run of the game. They picked up another run the next inning when the speedy Rico Noel scored on a sac fly by Jedd Gyorko. But three runs down, how would they wrap up the comeback? With a three-run, game-tying blast to right center field from none other than hometown boy Alex Dickerson. Ryan Jackson scored later in the inning on a force out from Noel against former Padre Evan Scribner.

Tyson Ross will try to keep the winning streak going as he takes the mound against the Indians. First pitch at 1:05 pm PDT.

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