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Spring Training Game Thread: 03/01 Padres at Royals

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After a morning filled with rain, it appears it has passed over in time to get some baseball in.

In addition to Everth Cabrera making his spring debut, a number of other Padres will be seeing competition (such as it is) for the first time this year.

One would hope that that gumbo of pitchers will be able to tame whatever bats the Royals are throwing out there (seriously, guys, thanks for releasing your lineup. Get your s___ together.) while our offense breaks the two-run mark for the first time. But, just as a reminder, it's not like it matters at this point. Everyone knows you don't freak out until at least the fourth game of Spring Training.

Go Padres! Make encouraging strides!

Last Minute Update: (12:04pm PST) Oh, hey, here's their lineup (with bonus hilarity).