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Fox Sports San Diego's #SDLive gets a makeover, Brook Roberts new co-host

Fox Sports San Diego has given their weekly show #SDLive a makeover. Laura McKeeman unfortunately left FSSD and has been permanently and officially replaced as full-time host by, as the announcer puts it, "The man that needs no introduction in San Diego... Mike Pomeranz!"

Though probably said tongue in cheek, it'd be interesting to put that comment to the test. If you've watched the show they'll sometimes do a segment where they'll go to a college campus and ask passers-by if they recognize a picture of a local sports figure. I'd be real curious how many people would need an introduction of Pomeranz. I'd totally know him.

And as predicted Brook Roberts is the new co-host. The sassy raspy-voiced host was on location for the entire episode at a local bar, so it remains to be seen whether she'll be in studio on occasion. All of her segments appeared to be pre-recorded due to the fact that there was no interaction between the two hosts.

The show's format has also seen some significant changes. It now has a live studio audience and even though I've been their most dedicated fan since the beginning I was not invited to be part of the inaugural group. Harumph!

The transformation is evident from the beginning. Instead of all chair chat with the host throwing to taped segments. The format now more closely resembles that of a late night program. It opens with a quasi-monologue by Pomeranz. Then takes to the chairs to introduce and talk to his guests. After the first break they return and do a more free-form standing segment. The last segment features a musical guest playing. Where before they only played in and out of commercials now they have their own segment, but it's easy to skip because it's at the end. I skipped it.

#SDLive appears to still very much be a work in progress. It's rough around the edges right now and although I did my fair share of cringing (especially during the Huston Street skit), my hopes remain high.

You can watch the full episode below.