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"Padres Social Hour" set to shoot in new Club 336 studio

We learned today that the Padres new online pregame show Padres Social Hour will be filmed in what they are calling Club 336.  Club 336 is a lounge area in the back corner of the Padres Store on the ground floor of the Western Metal Supply building.  It gets its name from being located on the left field line which is 336 feet away from home plate.  The numbers are printed in yellow right above the lounge.

This area has been re-purposed several times since Petco Park's opening.  It used to be under utilized as an access point for fans to watch the game from behind the left field fence.  It was simply a continuation of the Padres store and held merchandise.  In the last year or two it was converted into a suite, that fans could purchase for games like any other suite.  Access to the standing room only area has been limited over the years.  It's hard to say if this change into a studio will provide fans with more or less access before and during games.

The new host of Padres Social Hour, Jesse Agler, was not in attendance at today's FanFest.  Word is he was at a wedding. Or was he? Yes, he was.

Oh and in case you were wondering which logo won the fan vote, well it was "C", the one with the Swinging Friar that's pictured above.