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Dick Enberg is scheduled to broadcast 135 Padres games this season

Al Bello

At Padres FanFest today, Dick Enberg was asked several questions by fans while he was hosting a Q&A session with ownership.

My wife hasn't seen Dick in two years!

One fan stood up, took the microphone in hand and stated "My wife hasn't seen Dick in two years!" the crowd gasped, then tittered.  He went on to complain that Dick Enberg and the Padres broadcasts haven't been available for Time Warner Cable customers for two years, ever since the Padres signed a contract with Fox Sports San Diego. I was still giggling so I missed how the Padres leadership responded to his statement and question.

Enberg responded by revealing his schedule for the 2014 season, saying that he would be broadcasting 135 games of the 162.  He also said that Fox Sports San Diego will broadcast 7 Spring Training games.  Mike Pomeranz is expected to fill in for Enberg while he's on vacation.

Enberg was also asked his favorite Padres uniform.  Earlier he had been the only person to raise his hand for the old PCL uniforms in an informal vote initiated by Padres President Mike Dee, for favorite uniform colors. Enberg explained that he loved the touch of red in the uniform and called them, "very handsome".