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Padres trying for All-Star game for their 50th anniversary

Today at FanFest the Padres' ownership representatives spoke and answered questions. Chairman Ron Fowler, Peter Seidler and President Mike Dee were on stage with Dick Enberg, who was acting as a master of ceremonies.

During the Q&A segment a fan asked if the Padres were any closer to bringing an All-Star game to San Diego. Ron Fowler says he's been in contact with the commissioner's office and hinted at a commitment. He told us that the All-Star games have all been spoken for until 2017. Fowler revealed that the Padres are trying for 2019 when the Padres organization will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The Padres under their former ownership group had been trying to make the All-Star game a priority for years but today was the closest the Padres have come to committing to a date.