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Padres "have something planned" to honor Jerry Coleman

Denis Poroy

Yesterday when the Padres rolled out their 2014 promotional schedule via Twitter, a lot of people had questions. One of those questions came from a Twitter user going by the handle of @rich_roberts, who I assume is a person by the name of Rich Roberts. You never can be too sure, though.

There you have it. It seemed assured that the team would be having a night for The Colonel, at very least, but the Mike Dee era hasn't exactly been off to a reassuring start, so it's nice to know they aren't out-of-touch and tone deaf enough to somehow fail to pay tribute during the season to the late heart and soul of the franchise. It's anyone's guess as to what the tribute or tributes will consist of, other than wearing a sleeve patch consisting of a star and his initials, as was announced at his public memorial. I would assume there will be a ceremony honoring him both on Opening Day and before the second game, since that's when the traditional Opening Day festivities have been moved to due to the opener being bumped back to a Sunday night in order to accommodate ESPN. More will be revealed, as the tired saying goes. Probably tomorrow during FanFest, if I had to guess.