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El Paso Chihuahuas Have Uniforms Now And Of Course They're Awesome

While quite a to-do was made when the Padres' AAA affiliate in El Paso unveiled their name, logos, and hats a little over three months ago, the Chihuahuas' uniform introduction came and went yesterday with barely a whimper.

A whimper. Because Chihuahuas. Man, I slay me.

Wow, that's a lot of uniforms, especially a lot of home uniforms. The Chihuahuas' official site specifies that the white jersey with the red wordmark and headspoon is the primary home uniform, while the pinstriped set is designated a home alternate. Although they are being modeled with the home white pants here, the red and the black alternates could presumably be paired with the road grays as well.

As for how they look, mark me down as on-board. I really like the gradient effect of the lettering on the black alternate. The road top has a nice clean look, but the white drop-shadow keeps it from being too bland. You can't see it in the picture above, but the red top being modeled by Travis Buck features the Swingin' Chihuahua logo. You can get a better look at it in the team store, where it and the others are already available.

What do you all think? Which one is your favorite?