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New "Padres Social Hour" needs us to vote for their logo

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Padres want us to vote for their new social media pregame show's logo. What show? Exactly. It's the one they haven't announced.

Thankfully RJ's Fro provided the scoop a few weeks back. He had little birdies chirping in his ear. In short it's a Miami Dolphins pregame show that will be moving to San Diego along with its host @jesseagler. In theory he will talk less about the Miami Dolphins and more about the San Diego Padres... in theory! He'll also be replacing Andy Masur as a broadcaster and taking over the social media reigns of the Padres.

Here's our logo choices, you have 2 hours to vote so take your time. Don't rush into anything. My thoughts below...

My thoughts:

A) For the most part this is the most legible. The "@Padres" is part of the show title though and should be in a bigger font. All I see is "Social Hour", it sounds like some sort of business mixer that I have to pay for. They should have made the "H" into a "#" too.

B) This one looks very close to the shampoo bottle / home plate Padres logo that Mike Dee helped to create back in the day. The Padres font is illegible and because of that I instantly recognize it as a neon Padres beer sign.

C) People are probably going to throw their vote at this one because it incorporates the Swinging Friar, but I think his presence just makes the logo too murky. Plus the Friar isn't even a social entity. He's never once spoken to me and all he does is high five when you ask him important questions like "WTF is #PadresSocialHour?"

I'm voting for A.