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Mariners 12, Padres 1: Rain Gives Seattle Power

The Padres' spring is off to a less than auspicious start.

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It's been raining in San Diego all day, and clearly Seattle draws some sort of mystical power from such an occurrence, as they poured a dozen runs down on the Padres today. Things started well enough, with Andrew Cashner allowing just one hit in his two innings of work, but the Padres fell behind when Nick Franklin hit a third inning solo shot off of Tim Stauffer. For reference, that's Franklin's third home run against San Diego since his major league debut last May. The Mariners didn't hold that lead long, as Ryan Jackson scored on a blown pickoff attempt in the bottom of the inning. From there, things quickly fell apart.

Joe Ross gave up the winning run in the very next inning, but that wasn't enough for our hated enemies to the north. They hit Leonel Campos for a whopping five runs, and then hit up Joe Wieland for another four in the eighth, three of those courtesy of James Jones's home run. If you're looking for the upside to this game, it's that Wieland has returned to the mound, and was throwing with a good bit of velocity. That's about it. The Padres will see if they can get their first win of the spring against the Royals tomorrow at 12:05 pm PST.

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