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Mariners 7, Padres 1: Friars Give Up A Bunch Of Runs For Charity

Lisa Blumenfeld

The Padres did not look good in their Cactus League opener, but I really don't care. You know why? Because baseball's back. Plus, this game was for charity. Everybody loves charity! Especially the Mariners, who were the recipients of a lot of charity from the Friars. San Diego gave up 3 unearned runs on 4 errors, including a rare misstep from minor league golden boy Austin Hedges. The good news is that none of those errors came from anyone expected to be on the 25-man roster. Eric Stults had a rough 2 innings, but I'm not going to freak out over the first game of spring training. So today, let's just celebrate the return of baseball to our lives. Nothing but happy thoughts today, folks.

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I had the most comments, but everybody racked up the recs today. Good job, folks.