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New Food And Drink Options Coming to Petco Park

Maybe we can get matthewverygood to try out the Diego cheesesteak for us?
Maybe we can get matthewverygood to try out the Diego cheesesteak for us?

Everybody's favorite suds slinger Neil the Beerman has been dishing out some info about new concessions option at the ballpark this season.

First up, some shuffling of the existing options:

That's a much more central location for Phil's, which will probably mean longer lines. But does anybody care about Wings-n-Things, the place that doesn't actually have wings? Replacing it in 107 will be a serve yourself stand. I wouldn't expect high quality from that, but it should be fast. Some of the new menu items at the park sound pretty interesting.

Anybody have a guess as to what a Diego cheesesteak might be? I'd guess it's a carne asada sandwich with nacho cheese. But if I know you guys, what you really want to know about is the beer. Well, here's some good news for those of you in the cheap seats.

Stone is also taking over Wine Steals' old location just outside the Park at the Park, so their presence at the park just increased massively. It's also nice that these new beer gardens will be up in the nosebleeds, which have been severely hurting for some local taps. All in all, it sounds like Mike Dee and the new ownership are continuing the improvements to ballpark fare that started under Tom Garfinkel, and that's good news.