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Josh Byrnes talks with Darren Smith about Chase Headley's injury

My notes from this afternoon's interview.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Byrnes interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Mark Loretta suggested the Padres front office use the new deck in Peoria Stadium for Pickleball so they are having a tournament.  Byrnes bought equipment last night.  No Padres players are allowed to play. 
  • Other than Chase Headley's calf injury the team has been pretty healthy.  Headley had an MRI today but Byrnes has not heard the results.  Byrnes says that calf injuries can have a tendency to linger.  Headley showed up in great shape so he won't need all 6 weeks to be ready to play anyway.
  • The Padres have some real size in their rotation.  Byrnes doesn't necessarily favor tall pitchers, but he was looking for power arms.  "It's nice to have guys that look good in a uni, but they've got to be able to play."
  • Byrnes says as a GM you have to train yourself not to evaluate players at this point in the Spring.
  • The mood in the clubhouse is organic.  Josh Johnson and Joaquin Benoit are alpha dogs in the rotation and the bullpen.  They should set a good example for the younger guys.
  • "The real goal is to win the division."  Byrnes says they need to avoid the down spells that have sunk teams in the past.  Getting off to a good start will be important.
  • Max Fried's forearm is feeling better. With the way he's been responding to treatment he should be ready to play catch next week.
  • The Padres don't have a built in back up for Chase Headley so it stresses the depth.  First and foremost Ryan Jackson and Alexi Amarista will spend time at 3B.