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Quiz: 2013 Padres No Longer With The Team


Here's a quiz that I think most people will fare well on, seeing as how it doesn't dip too far into the past. As a matter of fact, all the names on it are ones Bud Black has written on a lineup card in the past year.

He won't be jotting them down this year, though. All 22 of these guys who played for the Padres at some point during the regular season last year have since moved on. You have five minutes to hammer out as many last names as you can. To aid you, I've provided each player's uniform number and position. Yet one more hint is that one of the pitchers who wore 56 is pictured above. I don't think that will help, which is quite frankly why I told you.

You know about filling out the poll when you're done and using spoiler bars over names in your comments, right? Cool, we're good to go.