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Quiz: Can you name the most common Padres full names?


I realize we've really inundated you with quizzes over the last week, but this one is sort of connected to the last two name quizzes I created, so we might as well get it out of the way. Plus you love quizzes, especially pop quizzes, hotshot.

In this quiz you'll be asked to name the Padres players who have the exact same first and last name (as listed on Baseball-Reference) with another Padres player. Unlike other quizzes you'll obviously be asked to type the player's full name, not just their last name.

You'll have 5 minutes to come up with the 4 players. If I were taking this quiz I'd be able to name 2 names correctly, so see if you can beat me.

Discuss your answers in the comments but for gosh sakes, use the spoiler button to cover the names. Share your score in the poll.