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UPDATE: Padres pitching prospect Max Fried shut down due to forearm, not elbow soreness

Denis Poroy

The Padres are having a real tough time keeping their pitchers healthy.  The news that Padres prospect Max Fried is suffering from elbow soreness is just another punch to the jock for Padres fans.

Padres prospect Max Fried shut down |

"Until the symptoms calm down a little bit, we’re not gonna let him throw," Byrnes said. "If I were to guess, it’ll be at least a couple weeks. We’ll just keep monitoring it and see if we can resolve the symptoms."

"At this stage of his career, this time of year, we’re obviously gonna be careful and make sure he’s symptom-free before he gets going," Byrnes said. "There was still enough soreness in there that we’re gonna be conservative and make sure we knock it out."

The Union-Tribune tells us that Fried had an MRI on February 11th and the soreness was deemed to be muscular instead of the tendon variety and called "benign".