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Is Katie Osborne a new Fox Sports San Diego Reporter?


You may remember long ago when I suspected that Brook Roberts might be a new Fox Sports San Diego host.  I went through all the evidence that I thought backed up my suspicion and even linked to a picture of Brook with a FSSD mic in her hand while she was interviewing Cameron Maybin.  It all added up.  It was like a game of Clue and I had pieced it all together.  It was Brook Roberts with a microphone in the Fox Sports San Diego Studios!

Well ol' Nancy Drew has got another theory for you.  This next theory of mine has even less evidence to support it, practically none at all.  I think Katie Osborne (@ktmosborne) may be a new FSSD field reporter.  Why?

You tell me.  Why else would she be following Mike Pomeranz?!  For his hilariously witty tweets.  BWAHAHAHA!  I think not.


Then again maybe Twitter just suggested that they connect because they have friends in common.  You can just never tell with social media now a days.


And the evidence continues...