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Is Brook Roberts a new Fox Sports San Diego host?

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

Fox Sports San Diego can't seem to keep their field reporter and host positions filled for very long.  Since the Padres signed a contract with FSSD, we've sadly seen Britt McHenry, Cary Chow, Leila Rahami, Megan Olivi, Kelly Crull and likely Laura McKeeman all move on to bigger and better things.  It's like they know that when you just start to get attached, they leave and break your heart.  Meanwhile all the crusty old jocks who work at FSSD refuse to leave!  Go away!

With the season starting in less than two months you'd think we'd have heard about their replacements.  But maybe we have...

At the end of January I was watching #SDLive and Brook Roberts was one of the guests.  Usually the host (Mike Pomeranz in this case) will introduce the guests and and tell you their connection to San Diego Sports.  Brook received no such introduction.  I thought it weird and even rewound to make sure I didn't miss something.  Nope, no introduction and no explanation why she was a guest on the show.

She's a television personality who's done a little bit of everything that one can do in front of a camera except sports.  I only know her from The Amazing Race.  Her partner was the one who shot a watermelon from a sling shot that came back to hit her square in the face.

I thought for sure that she must be being considered for a spot as an FSSD host or reporter.  I asked around, no one from FSSD could or would confirm anything.  But if she was just simply a guest, then how do you explain this FSSD?!

I suppose she was just hanging out at FanFest as a fan and the FSSD microphone was just a prop, right?  Hmm, maybe that's it.