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Quiz: Can you name the Top 10 most common Padres first names?

John Grieshop

Yesterday we quizzed you on the most common Padres last names. Today we will quiz you on the most common Padres player's first names. How exciting!

In the quiz, you will be asked to guess the Top 10 most common names. Keep in mind the data is coming from Baseball Reference, so the names will likely be the shortened nickname that they played under rather than the name on the player's birth certificate. For instance, Tony Gwynn would be listed as "Tony" rather than "Anthony".

You'll see in the quiz that the first name that appears most frequently occurs 31 times, far more than the others. Once we have the most common first and last names figured out, you'll know what to name your child to give them the best chance of playing for the Padres.

Discuss your results in the comments but be sure to use the spoiler button when using player's names so as to not spoil the quiz for others.

Hopefully I didn't make any mistakes in computing the names this time, so let's begin!