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Headley doesn't think contract negotiations will take place until end of the season

Christian Petersen

Chase Headley talked to a gaggle of reporters this morning which sparked a handful of articles being published.  The big question was whether Headley was any closer to signing an extension with the Padres.  In short, no.

Headley: 'I hope it's not my last spring' |

"I don’t want to put my foot down and say nothing’s gonna happen, but at this point it certainly seems that we’ll table these until the end of the season."

Nothing has been happening for quite some time.  Not since Ron Fowler publicly offered Headley the opportunity to become the highest paid Padres player ever and was publicly denied.  Not wanting to be involved in contract negotiations during the season was one hurdle and the other was the actual offer.

Third baseman Chase Headley hopes to play for San Diego Padres beyond 2014 | News

"I don't want to get too much into specifics … but certainly there's some ground to be made up or we wouldn't be having this discussion," Headley said.

I'll be really surprised if Headley is ever offered an extension.  I could see him playing out the rest of the season with the team if they get off to a decent start, but beyond that I'm not optimistic about the chances.

I don't put much stock in Headley's claims that he wants to stay in San Diego either.  Public relations being what they are, he doesn't have any alternative.