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Quiz: Hitless Padres Position Players

Denis Poroy

There have been 222 players who have gone their entire Padres career without recording a hit. Of those, 206 are pitchers, so they don't count. That leaves us with 16 position players who went hitless in a Padres uniform, ranging from a catcher with 26 plate appearances to a catcher who only saw time in the field.

Since a quiz of this nature will of course have obscure answers, I've provided more clues than usual, as well as putting four full minutes on the clock. In addition to listing the amount of plate appearances each player failed in, I've also included their positions and seasons.

As is always the case, there's a poll in which to log your results when you're through. Feel free - nay, encouraged - to comment on the ones you got or missed, but be sure to place spoiler bars over names. For the uninitiated, this is how you go about doing that:


To quote Tim Armstrong, "OKAY, LET'S GO!"