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Can you name the most common Padres' Last Names?

Thearon W. Henderson

We have been quizzing you off and on for over a year now and you have told us that when you don't know the answer and time is running out you'll start to guess some of the more common player's last names. Some of you have become quite skilled in your guessing. That skill you've developed will come into good use today because this is a quiz about the most popular Padres last names in franchise history.

There's been 860 Padres players who have represented San Diego in Major League Baseball. The two most common of the last names both have belonged to 8 players.

I was trying come up with the most descriptive title for this game. The most popular player name is confusing. Is it the most frequently occurring name? Most common? Tell me if I should rename it.

Discuss your results in the comments, but use the spoiler button so you don't give away the answers.


On to the quiz! Let us know how you do.