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Quiz: Name every Gonzalez in Padres history

Justin Edmonds

One strategy that some people use in these quizzes is to hail-mary a bunch of common last names after they've named the players they know. It's a solid method, and one that nets at least one freebie each time. As Ivan Verastica pointed out, guessing "Gonzalez" usually does the trick. That got me wondering exactly how many Gonzalezes (Gonzali?) have played for the Padres. Turns out there have been eight.

For each of the eight, I've listed both their position and the years they played for the Padres. I put a minute and a half on the clock since that gives you enough time to type them all if you know them without allowing much time for chucking out a bunch of random first names.

As always, there's a poll down there (heh). Log your results on it. Even below the poll is the comments section. Go to town on it, but be sure to use spoiler bars over correct answers.