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Jedd Gyorko, Will Venable, and Yonder Alonso Make Some Padres Clubhouse Confessions

These are their confessions.


These are the Padres Clubhouse Confessions. It's all coming out.

Jedd Gyorko, Will Venable, and Yonder Alonso visited the Fox Sports San Diego studios to participate in a fun little game of talk about your fellow teammates with a whiteboard. Mike Pomeranz hosted the segment of #SDLive and gave the guys some pretty tough questions. In the 5 minute clip, he was able to get answers to five very important questions about their Padres teammates. Also, I hope when they report to Spring Training that the players being called out for being cheapskates and smelling bad won't be too angry with them.

The Five Questions

Who on the Padres roster is the best dancer?

Which teammate is most likely to pick up a dinner check?

Who is least likely to pick up the check?

Who smells the worst?

What quality in one of your Padres teammates do you most envy or admire?

Those were some pretty tough questions. I'd say each of the three gentleman answered the questions pretty well. In my opinion, the most surprising answers were for the question about who smells the worst. It's an answer that I never expected and I don't believe we'll think of that player the same way again.

Enjoy the video.

And if for some reason the video isn't working, you can check it out here.

But, it should work. Because technology is awesome.