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Quiz: Padres Starting Second Basemen


The last two quizzes were about the 1969 and 2014 Padres, so here's one that bridges the gap. This quiz will test your recollection of all the starting second basemen in franchise history. For the purposes of this quiz, "starting second baseman" is defined as the player who started the most games at the position each season; this was the same criteria I used for the quiz about starting first basemen.

While there have only been 18 primary first basemen in Padres history, there has been quite a bit more turnover in the second baseman department. There have been 29 players to fit the bill over 45 years of play; you have five minutes to remember and/ or guess as many of them as you can. Normal rules apply; you can guess out of order and use last names only, and there's no penalty for wrong answers. And yes, Ivan Verastica's strategy will pay off on this one, although not where you might think.

As always, log your score in the poll below and don't forget to spoiler-proof your comments where applicable.