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Quiz: 1969 Padres Roster

Everybody seemed to do fairly well on yesterday's quiz about this year's Spring Training roster, so just to keep you on your toes I thought I'd see how you fare with a subject that's the complete opposite of current events. When it comes to the major league iteration of the Padres you can only turn the clock back so far, so this quiz concerns the 1969 roster.

Forty-two players suited up for at least one regular-season game with the inaugural Padres. I listed them in alphabetical order along with their positions and number of games played. My best advice would be to knock out the ones you know and then use the added context of the letter ranges between those to guess the others.

After your five minutes are up, be sure to log your score in the poll. After that, brag about the ones you got right and lament the ones you missed, but don't forget to use the spoiler-bar feature in your comments. Snapshot_201303261_1207_medium

Time starts as soon as I stop reading the first question. No, wait, that's Family Feud. Uh, just click "PLAY GAME".