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Birthday Card: Eric Cyr turns 35

Former Padres reliever Eric Cyr turns 35 years old today. A thirtieth-round pick by San Diego in 1998, Cyr's entire major league career consisted of five games with the Friars in 2002.

Cyr is pictured here on 2003 Upper Deck First Pitch #27. The photo was taken during spring training of 2002. You can tell it was taken in 2002 because of the Mike Darr memorial patch on Cyr's sleeve. The tip-off that it's from spring training is that he's wearing number 64; he wore 49 during his five-game regular-season stint.

The back of the card mentions Cyr's successful major league debut; the folks at Upper Deck were charitable enough to not mention the four games that followed it. He gave up seven earned runs over his final five innings for a lifetime ERA of 10.50. They were also nice not to point out that Cyr was already a convicted sex offender at this point. He served 30 days back in 2001 after pleading guilty to "sexual contact with another without consent," which is somehow just a misdemeanor, following an incident involving coerced bathroom sex with a 15 year old.

Please note that at no point did I wish him a happy birthday.