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Fox Sports San Diego And Time Warner Cable Agree To Deal; Padres For Everyone

After two years the two sides finally come to an agreement.


Fox Sports San Diego launched on back on March 17, 2012. For two whole seasons it has shown Padres games to those that got the channel. For those two years, anyone with Time Warner Cable did not see Fox Sports San Diego and missed out on seeing two full seasons worth of Padres games. For those that stuck with Time Warner Cable, the wait is over. Fox Sports San Diego will be a part of one of their cable packages beginning next month. Here is the official release from Fox Sports San Diego:



FOX Sports San Diego and Time Warner Cable are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement to carry the new regional sports network in time for Padres baseball.

Time Warner Cable will begin offering FOX Sports San Diego in time for the 2014 Major League Baseball season so fans can catch all the action. Padres games will be distributed on Time Warner Cable systems in San Diego, as well as surrounding areas in the Padres territory.

The network will launch for Time Warner Cable customers on March 30, 2014. Channel position on Time Warner Cable systems will be announced at a later date.

"We’re happy for the many Padres fans who are Time Warner Cable customers who now will be able to follow their hometown baseball team on TV all season long," said Henry Ford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, FOX Sports San Diego. "With this agreement, Padres baseball will now be available in more homes in San Diego than ever before."

"We’re pleased to have reached a reasonable long-term agreement for Fox Sports San Diego, and we look forward to launching this network in the near future," said Jennifer Chun Senior Vice President, Content Acquisition for Time Warner Cable.

And here is the official Padres press release:

Statement from Ron Fowler, San Diego Padres executive chairman, on today's agreement between Time Warner Cable and FOX Sports San Diego

"The Padres are thrilled about today's agreement between Time Warner Cable and FOX Sports San Diego. We thank our fans for their long-standing patience for the last several years. We also thank FOX Sports San Diego for their diligence in making this partnership happen. And finally, we thank Time Warner and welcome them back to the Padres family. We're excited to bring San Diego Padres baseball into every home in San Diego County. We are also pleased that our broadcast will now be available for the many Padres fans in Hawaii as well. This is a great day for Padres fans everywhere."