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Can you name the 60 players on the Padres' 2014 Spring Training Roster in 8 minutes?


This is always my favorite quiz of the year. In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to love and we old timers, well our fancy turns to baseball. It's so challenging trying to name all the players on the Spring Training Roster

Bud Black has yet to whittle down his roster so chances are if you can think of a Padres' name, he's on this list of 60 players somewhere, unless he was traded or DNF'd in the offseason.

I'm usually good for about 20 correct answers before I'm in the realm of players that I never ever think about. I think I at least recognize all but 2 or 3 of these player's names as Padres, which I consider to be quite the improvement over last year.

I'm giving you an extra minute this year to sort out your answers and there are 7 less players on the roster, so you should do swell.

Also, I encourage you to discuss your answers in the comments, but please use the spoiler button to hide player's names.