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Winter Ball Wrap-up: Who has been naughty, who has been nice?

With the Dominican Winter Ball season wrapping up in two weeks, which Friars have taken advantage of the offseason and have made the nice list?

For a lot of Friars the Dominican season has wrapped up. With a few off-season moves from the organization and medium-to-heavy trades being considered, it's good to evaluate the chips the Padres have. Most of the results of the Dominican Winter League training have been positive.

Cameron Maybin: NICE-ISH

.324 AVG, 34 AB, 5 R, 11 H, 3 2B, 2 RBI, 4 BB, 10 SO, 1 SB, .807 OPS

Hoping to see Cameron pick up some of the slack was one reason to keep an eye on the Dominican Winter League, and for the first few games he had fallen back into nasty underproduction. But for the overly-optimistic his last ten games for the Toros showed a good stride; with 11 good hits in 34 at-bats he finally is hitting more than he is striking out. Three of them being doubles, and drawing four walks ain't bad, either.

There isn't even close to enough production from those few games to deduct any sort of breakout return; but it certainly is marginally better than his MLB numbers that he left off with. Even though Cam hasn't seen playtime since the middle of November the momentum from his last few games have definitely been nice to see.

Yasmani Grandal: EXTREMELY NICE

.328 AVG, 61 AB, 7 R, 20 H, 7 2B, 2 HR, 14 RBI, 18 BB, 15 SO, 2 SB, 1.010 OPS

Since starting the 2014 Dominican Winter League Yasmani has been the single most productive Friar both behind and at the plate. In almost 20 games in over 60 at-bats Yaz is leading in almost every category; making him one of the bigger assets that will be returning to the team in the spring. After the middle of November catching duties were handed off to his Toros teammates, but not before he was among the league's batting leaders.

Grandal going oppo in two hits at five at-bats.

His production and power for the Padres, as well as his activity in the Dominican Winter League have put him into talks as a trade possibility, though with Yasmani's fair offensive production it doesn't make much sense to trade (arguably) one of the best bats the Padres have returning in 2015. Either way, Grandal is on the nice list.

Tommy Medica: VERY NAUGHTY

.122 AVG, 41 AB, 8 R, 5 H, 1 2B, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 10 BB, 15 SO, .514 OPS

Once Jodes finds out that Tommy Medica is on the naughty list she probably won't be too surprised. He's a naughty boy. But he hasn't been the good kind of naughty, after being taken on to the Toros a few weeks into the winter season. In 51 at-bats Tommy has only been able to string together 5 hits, and his last ten games included four of those. In that time span he popped off a homerun and has drawn 9 walks, which is good, but 8 strikeouts is no bueno.

With the Padres' 1B spot being a black hole of offense, and Grandal either staying at catcher or potentially traded, it's tough to say Medica will be welcomed by fans other than Jodes. Our alternative will unfortunately be Yonder Alonso, and Medica will be a pick-your-poison option. Unless he unlikely flips things around, he's certified naughty.


.260 AVG, 96 AB, 11 R, 25 H, 1 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR, 10 RBI, 7 BB, 22 SO, .693 OPS

Much like Medica, Rymer hasn't been all that productive in the Winter Ball offseason. The good news is he has popped off three home runs in his run with the Tigres so far. The bad news is, that has been the peak of his offensive production. His recent at-bats have been a step in the right direction, though, getting a hit in more than half of his last ten games.

Liriano is at least the Padres' ambassador for deeeeeep home runs.

In almost a hundred at-bats Rymer has tallied up around 22 strikeouts and 25 hits, with only three of them being extra-base hits. He's still seeing starts well into December, but his stats up until now haven't been overly positive. The most important thing was seeing him cut down on striking out, and in that field he hasn't really cut the ketchup and mayonnaise. That lands people on the naughty list.

Frank Garces: NICE

Garces has seen active play all through November and is still facing a batter or two his first week of December. In that time he has only allowed five earned runs in four hits and seven walks. He's seeing the most action versus righties, and when he does he's conceding a tiny bit less. He has seen scenarios inheriting runners as well as coming into the inning with clear bases, and has allowed hits equally.

Most of his appearances in his last ten games have resulted in a strikeout, and he has only allowed two hits in those 5.2 innings. Only allowing four hits in at least 16 appearances is plenty nice.

Luis De La Cruz: NAUGHTY

De La Cruiz isa decent righty for the Missions. Given the chance to throw a little bit in the Dominican Winter League was a good opportunity, but wasn't totally represented by any exciting apperances. In two games Luis has only seen a few batters; giving up three hits, two walks and only striking out two. Nothing painstaking, but not enough to make the nice list.

Chris Rearick: NICE

Rearick saw a fair amount of play throughout November, as well as a start at the beginning of December. In his last ten games he has thrown a good amount, only allowing four hits and striking out ten. He has thrown more in the Dominican Winter League than he has for the Missions, and in that time has put up slightly better numbers. That's pretty nice.

Genison Reyes: NICE

Reyes' only action in the Dominican league was way back in the beginning of November. He was brought in for an inning of play, and gave up nothing while striking somebody out. That's nice and efficient.

Yeison Asencio: NICE

The Chihuahua hasn't seen any play since early November, but his stint through October was solid. A three-game hitting streak as well as an impressive game towards the end of October going 2-3 with a walk and an RBI; Asencio took nice advantage of his time with the Estrellas.

Jerry Sullivan: NICE

Sullivan has seen some good action in November and a couple of starts this month. Over that time he has been keeping his strikeouts even with his hits allowed, but has given up very few runs. His major feat so far has been keeping a low ERA, especially against lefties, and has been putting in nice work for the Aguilas.

Diego Goris: NAUGHTY

In Goris' eleven at-bats he's only mustered up one hit. It was an RBI on Saturday, and that's about it. Preceding that he has struck out four times, and can't seem to get on base. He had a good average in Lake Elsinore and below-average in San Antonio, but in the Dominican league he has been naughty.

Stephen Kohlscheen: PRETTY NICE

The Chihuahua was a beast in November. With 14 strikeouts and only five hits, Kohlscheen was putting in some good work. In a total of 11.1 innings pitched he has only allowed five earned runs and has collected 18 strikeouts. His last ten games saw full-inning apperances and almost all of them had multiple strikeouts. Niiice.