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Gaslamp Ball Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza!!!!

Robert Benson-USA TODAY Sports

They say the holidays are a time for giving. So what better way to celebrate the season than to give away some goodies for all the good boys and girls of Gaslamp Ball?

I think you all will like what we have in store for this month and I hope this motivates you to get even more involved in our little community. So here's the deal. Remember our August Fanpost Contest? This will work very similarly to that, but on a bigger scale with more awesome and one-of-a-kind prizes!

This time around we'll have four different prize packs to give away. Each prize pack includes:

  1. glass drinkware (either a pint glass, old fashioned glass, beer mug, or set of shot glasses) with a Gaslamp Ball design custom-made by yours truly - perfect for all those holiday drinks!
  2. a GLB sticker
  3. one other surprise Padres item
There will be two rounds of prize-giving. The first round will run from TODAY until 11:59pm on Friday, December 19th. You have until the 19th to enter your fanposts and two prize packs will be given out at the end of that period. Prizes will be awarded in the same manner as in our August FanPost contest:
  • First, the creator of the fanpost that receives the most recs will automatically get one of the prizes.
  • After that, I will take everyone else who participated and put their usernames in a hat and pick the second winner randomly.
  • The number of fanposts you write will equal the number of "entries" you have to win that second jersey, so the more you write the better chances you have!
  • However, if you write the fanpost that gets the most recs and you win the first jersey, you will not be entered in the drawing for the second, regardless of how many fanposts you create.
The second round will run from 12:00am on Saturday, December 20th to 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 31st. Same rules apply. If you're one of the two winners from the first round, you won't be eligible to win in the second round (but don't let that discourage you from writing more fanposts!). Also, if you were one of the winners of our August Fanpost contest, you CAN enter this December holiday contest as well.

As a reminder, here are our fanpost contest guidelines:

  • You must be willing to trust me with your real name and mailing address if you win. I promise I won't share it with anyone or use it to stalk you or send 25 pizzas to your house, but I obviously need to be able to send the prize to you if you win.
  • These have to be LEGIT fanposts. No typing in filler words just to meet the 75-word minimum for fanposts. Please put some effort into this so that A) this whole experience can be more enjoyable for everyone, and B) we'll be more willing to do other contests/giveaways in the future.
  • Fanposts must be Padres- or baseball-related. I know we love talking about things like breakfast, comic books, other sports, etc. on Gaslamp Ball, and that's fine (to an extent) in game threads and whatnot, but please focus your fanpost efforts on things related to the team or baseball in general. This can include, but is not limited to: analysis on the team/players/etc., sharing of a personal experience as a Padres fan, why you love (or hate) a certain player, what you think the front office is doing wrong or right, how awesome the Padres grounds crew is, your favorite piece of cool/meaningful Padres memorabilia, why you think they should bring back the pork belly nachos at Petco Park, or anything else your wonderful and weird little GLBer minds can come up with. Our blog is your canvas.
  • Don't write about teams other than the Padres or their affiliates, or players who are not and have never been part of the Padres organization. Just don't. You can, however, write about why you think a certain player SHOULD be a Padre, or something of that nature. Just remember your audience at Gaslamp Ball and please make it relevant.
  • Myself and the rest of the GLB staff have the final say on whether or not you meet all of these guidelines. If we feel your fanpost was too off-topic or that you just threw something together without making at least some effort, it won't count towards the contest.
  • As always, if you violate any of our community guidelines (i.e. if we feel that you are trolling, flamebaiting, etc.), your fanpost will be deleted and you may have to face the ban hammer. Again, this is all up to the discretion of the GLB staff. And don't try to be clever and register under a bunch of different usernames so you can rec yourself a bunch of times, or have a bunch of your friends sign up and rec your posts. We have ways of figuring out if these things are happening, and I won't hesitate to ban you for that either. This is meant to be a fun little community-building thing for GLB, so don't take advantage of it just to get a prize.
If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment section here or email me at