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Padres signing of Clint Barmes is ROTTEN!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Padres signed Clint Barmes to a one year contract with an option.  It wasn't a signing that was going to knock anyone's socks off but it's a quick replacement at shortstop for a newly non-tendered Everth Cabrera. The consensus seems to be among media types that Barmes is a defensive asset as an infielder but terrifically bad with the bat.  While that'll make him fit right in with his Padres teammates it doesn't give much hope for fans.  Barmes is also 36 so chances of him improving, especially in Petco Park, are not likely.  For this reason the acquisition was deemed rotten by media and bloggers.

After the first sweep for opinions Barmes was deemed 50% rotten, on par with such movies as The Secret Life of Walter MIttyWhite House Down and The Rum Diary.

50 rotten

Apologies to


barmes actually got 1 year and an option in padres deal. good defender in for everth. logical.


Padres sign rock solid 2B-SS-Clint Barmes...(.280) hitter at Petco Park


Hey, Barmes could be a nice defense-first backup, but I kind of doubt the Padres view him as the solution at short, even just for 2015.

Clint Barmes, huh? Welp, see ya later.

I just looked at Barmes' defensive stats. I just looked at Barmes' (and Amarista's) career triple slash.

Barmes is a fine signing as a backup, he has a good glove. The trouble is, he can't hit and neither can the other "shortstop".


Padres Sign Clint Barmes
No he’s not a big bat, but his value is on the defensive side. He’s had a positive defensive WAR every year since 2007. Even in Everth Cabrera‘s best offensive season two years ago, defensively he was just a 0.1 WAR


I kind of like Barmes. Sort of.


Padres To Sign Clint Barmes – MLB Trade Rumors
Though Barmes has always had quite a well-regarded glove — indeed, he continues to provide value there — his bat has always been below average and has fallen off in recent years. Since the start of the 2012 season, he owns a .224/.271/.314 slash. Of course, Barmes has been so good in the field that he has still played comfortably above replacement level over that stretch.

The Barmes signing isn't a disaster but he will now eat up a roster/lineup spot that should go to Jace Peterson/a young age player.



BTW - That last tweet may be one of my all time favorites.