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Shawn Kelley trade is FRESH!

Leon Halip/Getty Images

The trade with the Yankees that brings Shawn Kelley to the Padres for Johnny Barbato is fresh.  As many have noted in their reviews of the trade it's a bit of a role reversal, the Padres dealing a prospect for major league ready talent is usually reserved for teams that are in a win-now mode.  The weird thing is that's the Padres.

I like this trade, Barbato has an arm injury that may need to surgery and Kelley looks like he'll excel in Petco Park.  The Padres teams of the last decade and a half have been known for their strong bullpen and Kelley gives them another set up arm who could be ready to close soon.  What's not to like?

With an 86% fresh score on the Tomatometer, this trade is on par with movies such as Wreck-it Ralph, Jackie Brown and The Conjuring.

Let me know if you see any more reviews of the trade in the media and I'll add them to the score.  Vote for yourself in the poll below.

86 fresh

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Pads' pickup of Kelley a contender's move - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
I really like this move for the Padres, more than just any random reliever pickup.


Padres Trade Relievers With Yankees | Padres Public
AJ Preller has again dealt from a deep farm system he inherited from previous regimes, surrendering a mid-level prospect with some upside to bolster the 2015 roster. It’s an interesting small-scale move that fits with the win-now mode the Padres suddenly find themselves in.


Shawn Kelley (Future Closer?) to Padres | FanGraphs Baseball
Slightly above average velocity for a reliever, decent control, good command when he’s executing right, a deadly slider he can manipulate to avoid platoon issues, and a shrug for his home runs? Pair that with a top-15 strikeout rate, and it sounds like a late-inning reliever and possible closer. Even for one year of control, that’s worth a future reliever that may require Tommy John surgery soon.


Shawn Kelley Padres - Friars on Base
Kelley is another part to the puzzle. It’s a good move and Kelley may play an important part for the Padres in 2015.


Padres acquire Shawn Kelley; Keyvius Sampson DFA'd |
A move to Petco Park, as well as the National League, should provide a soft landing for Kelley, who figures to vie for middle-inning relief innings


Quick take on Kelley addition for : Big NL West ballparks won't hurt him + love that 3.02 FIP in '14 and big arm for back end.

If the deal is true, not sure I really understand this one.