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Wil Myers' defense may be fueling trade rumors

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

There's been recent trade rumors that the Padres were interested in flipping Wil Myers in a trade to the Phillies for starting pitcher Cole Hamels. Joel Sherman of the New York Post might have discovered the reason why Myers has entered trade talks so soon after being acquired.  Apparently it's a sign of distrust the Padres have for Wil's defense.

Sherman then reverses course and says that Myers can be a better defender but the coaching staff has to constantly work with him on his skills in order for that to happen.

Wil Myers: Iffy center fielder or trade bait | New York Post

Those who have worked with Myers say he is a better defender than he has shown, but he needs constant and strong reinforcement from his manager/coaches about working on that part of his game or else he could become too fixated on his offense.

Bud Black mentioned during Matt Kemp's press conference that Kemp would likely play in right field, Justin Upton in left and Myers in center.  In Petco Park, playing centerfield is no easy task.

For me personally, I selfishly would be against any trade that would send the team's newly acquired offense elsewhere even if it is for Cole Hamels.  I've seen enough boring pitching duels in the last decade to last me a life time.