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Rob Neyer suggests Selig plays ASG favorites and he's right

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Rob Neyer has a quick post about how commissioner Bud Selig plays favorites when it comes to awarding All-Star Games.  He points to this as the reason the Orioles haven't hosted an All-Star Game since 1993. An All-Star Game hasn't been played in San Diego since 1992 and they built a new ballpark 10 years ago.  Does Bud Selig play favorites? He sure as hell does. I think he also holds grudges since Selig was "booed lustily" during Petco Park's opening.

Maybe Orioles just don't want All-Star Game bad enough? | FOX Sports

Last summer the Padres announced SELIG HALL OF FAME PLAZA.

I'm sure all these facts are completely unrelated to one another.

As much as the Padres leadership denies it and tries to backtrack they were without a doubt trying to butter him up to get the All-Star Game.  It looks like it worked too.  It's shameful and embarrassing. The Padres think it will be worth it in the end but that's debatable.  If Selig gave a damn about San Diego or the Padres they'd have hosted long ago.

I've been thinking recently and am curious as to why it's taking so long to hang Bud Selig's plaque in his plaza.  The Padres have torn down an entire scoreboard in the off-season and can't find the time to hang a plaque? Are they waiting for the actual ASG announcement to make it official?