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Tony Gwynn remembered in the New York Times end of year list

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

As the year winds down and a new one begins to bud, the New York Times took some time to remember those that passed in 2014.  The list isn't confined to sports or entertainment.  There's someone from just about every walk of life.  Batting third in the order is Padres icon Tony Gwynn.  I looked at his picture for about a minute before I read the article.  What a wonderfully friendly face he had.

The Lives They Lived -

Gwynn, with his refined technique, mastered the batter-pitcher confrontation. We may never again see a hitter who so consistently got the best of his adversaries.

I love reading short stories about Gwynn or when people tweet an obscure statistic about him.  The article has a few of those.  However, my most favorite Gwynn tales are the ones from the pitchers who faced him and that's exactly how this obituary for him ended.