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Former Padres starter Dustin Moseley turns 33 today

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I was mildly surprised when I noticed that Dustin Moseley turns 33 today. I guess the past few years have seemed a lot longer. That, and for some reason, I thought Moseley was already around 33 back during his San Diego days.

Moseley was one of the few bright spots on the uninspiring 2011 Padres team, right up until his season was cut short by a season-ending dislocation of his left (non-throwing) shoulder. It was an exacerbation of a preexisting injury; he first dislocated it earlier that month. The fact that he was at the plate both times, combined with the league-worst run-support he received, almost makes the blasphemous case for a universal DH. Almost.

He was back and ready to go at the onset of spring training for the 2012 season and pitched well in exhibition games. He was inked in as the number-three starter once again but made just one regular-season start, after which he felt some strangeness in his other shoulder. He was immediately placed on the 15-day disabled list, then transferred to the 60-day iteration when it was learned that he would require season-ending surgery. Not only did Moseley miss the rest of (essentially all of) the 2012 season, he was released at season's end and also remained sidelined throughout the entirety of 2013.

Mose finally made it back to the field last season, over two years after he last pitched competitively. He signed a minor league deal with the Marlins. Moseley made one start in A-ball, then moved up to AA, where he made five starts until his season was felled by, yes, a shoulder injury. He's now a free agent once again.

Best of luck to Dustin Moseley in his thirty-fourth year. If anyone were due for some, it's him.